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The QuantumPrism Foundation will aid and support vulnerable members of our world: the homeless, the poor, the sick, and the disenfranchised youth, for it is they who need us the most.

In 2017–18, nearly 65,600 children (14.1 per 1,000 children aged 0–14) received assistance through homelessness services. Children made up nearly one-quarter (23%) of people receiving assistance from specialist homelessness services. Of these:

Characteristics of groups of interest, 2019–20
  • More than one-third (35% or 23,000) were recorded as homeless at the time they received SHS, and nearly half (48% or 31,500) were at risk of homelessness. The remaining 17% (10,800) had no living situation recorded.
  • The majority (90% or 58,900) presented to homelessness services as part of a ‘related group’ (family), 9.4% (6,200) presented alone, and 0.9% (560) presented as part of an ‘other group’.
  • The majority of children (45% or 29,600) who received homelessness services did so for interpersonal reasons as their main reason, including domestic and family violence and family breakdown. Another 29% (19,000) received services due to issues with accommodation, such as housing crisis or inadequate or inappropriate dwelling conditions, 11% (7,000) for financial reasons, 1% (540) for health reasons and 13% (8,700) for other reasons.
Our Vision

Our vision is of a peaceful and harmonious world for all. A world devoid of suffering and injustice. A world where, if there is suffering, established, cherished and trusted institutions have been built to ease said malaise and support the community. Although one individual cannot eradicate suffering, each individual can do their part in reducing it and easing the aches of their community. The QuantumPrism Foundation will do its part in this regard in as many ways as possible.

The Foundation’s key contribution will be in helping the vulnerable members of our world, for it is they who need it most; those such as the homeless, the poor, the sick, and the disenfranchised youth. While all these groups require our help and support, the Foundation’s early undertaking in its nascent stage will focus on the most vulnerable of all: the homeless youth and children.

The homeless youth not only lack the security of a home, they are also left without the protection of parents and loved ones in a stage in their development where safety and stability is paramount. Homeless children are never responsible for their situation, having mostly left a home of poverty, abuse, and violence; making the injustice of their situation all the more harrowing, heartbreaking and entirely avoidable.

The foundation will work closely with charity groups and relevant organisations to provide a wide range of support to the homeless youth including shelter, food, clothing, education, and other necessary care.

By leveraging the power of big business, SMEs, government programs, and philanthropic organisations, the QuantumPrism foundation is working to develop housing and community program for the homeless youth. The community’s purpose is to provide the protection, care, love, and material needs every child requires to thrive and feel safe. Providing facilities such as schooling, counselling, as well as fostering a family-like environment where every member feels at home, loved, and cared for, the housing community will encourage every child’s optimum development and growth into well-adjusted members of society.

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Importantly, our children and youth are our future. It is they in whose care we shall remit the stewardship of our world and the future of our civilisation. They are some of, if not the most, vulnerable members of our society. Yet, their vulnerability is often exploited by dark agents to their detriment, their voices and fledgling power lost to the halls of circumstance beyond their capacity to control. At the QuantumPrism Foundation, we have chosen to take a firm stance to remedy this chasm in our honour as a civilisation, and we need your help.


Getting informed is one of the most important steps. Then once informed, take action by volunteering your time or skills, if you are a business owner, donating goods or providing discounts to our children in their time of need, if you are a builder volunteering the services of your company for the housing project, and much more.

To help out in any of these or any other ways, please follow the link below.

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